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We offer Information Technology service and support to businesses and to individuals for commercial,academic or marketing purposes.
Our highly skilled and  experience professionals proactively delivers high quality service.
24X7 customer focus enables us to understand & serve you better
Refined proccess and Innovative Leadership makes sure your expectations are always met
A collection of our wisdom and experience as our experts gain  while working on various projects. Hope you enjoy it
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Low cost Big data solutions over private and public cloud
Enabling innovative Technical support for your environment.
Apps for your mobile as well as your desktop.


We provide hands-on professional courses on java-j2ee and big data technlogies.With our unique deign of course, you become expert and confident to create business solutions
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  1. Stock screener for 5,000 stocks
    “My project was extremely complex and involved scraping data from the web to fill a database (3000 rows by 234 columns), calculating numerous ratios, producing back-end and front-end, and the ability to select data using various criteria. ... The quoted price was also reasonable and represented value-for-money. They were professional, showed great customer service and project management skills, and went out of their way to ensure I was happy with their work at every stage. They did an excellent job. I am thoroughly satisfied with the final product, have no complaints and would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others.” - James, CEO, ASEAN STOCKS
  2. ToDo MVC Using Jquery and Appjangle DB
    “The Team has fulfilled all requirements of this project quickly and professionally. I’m very happy to have worked with them again. After finishing a Java project with them first, they now have shown to be proficient developers in JavaScript as well." - Max T. , President,
  3. Business Data Analysis on NSE data
    "They clearly understood my use-case although it was a quite complex. They came up with an extremely cost-effective big data solution, which helped me to improve my revenue and sales projection..They did an awesome job. Definitely, they were thorough professional and I would recommend them." - Bimlesh Singh, CEO, EQIUTY FRIEND
  4. Medi Search Application
    "I am from a management background and had no idea how to implement it. I just had a great idea. It was not possible for me to implement the idea without the Acuminous team. They constantly interacted with me, understood my exact requirement and mapped my imagination in software so well that I was amazed. The prototype has got a lot of takers. The production is about to roll out now. I am very satisfied with the team. Excellent Job. I hope to hire them again and recommend them to anyone who would require any such service." - DevPrasad, Founder, MediSearch Platform