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We offer Information Technology service and support to businesses and to individuals for commercial,academic or marketing purposes.
Acuminous is a  Information Technology service, technology support
service and business support service provider company. Founded in 2015,
Acuminous Technologies is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
With more than 120 customers globally, Acuminous is focused on creating new ways of creating customer satisfaction and certainty.
We provide systematic, organized, transparent technical support to individuals, start-ups and small organizations to gain advantage of the best IT solutions in a smart price range best suited for them.
We analyze gaps in the process and technology for businesses—helping them gain key business insights across the enterprise.

Our Business process outsourcing expertise includes incoming and outgoing sales for verticals like technology, manufacturing and healthcare. We also provide finance and accounting support and data  and record management and maintainance solutions.
We bring together a unique mix of Data Science capabilities and technology expertise across various domains like Big data, Financial  Services, Health care, insurance, retail,hospitality and Technological innovation..
 Among the various technological areas that we provide service,  our solution of  big data services, website design  & implementation service, ecommerce implementation service, enterprise application development and  testing services stands out most due to quality, simplicity and affordability.
Founded in 2015 by Utkal, Sinchan and Khushboo.
Khushboo Kumari has a rich experience in setting up successful
technology business from the scratch  having the experience, expertise of a techno enterpranuar.She has worked with multiple MNCs as techie before she took up the role of a CEO in a techstart-up 5 years ago  and has been the part of top leadership teams in other organizations since
Sinchan Kumar has around a decade of IT experience on core product design and  development, architecture and design of complex solutions, innovating newer technologies,learning and training on next generation technologies .He have multiple publications and a patent. He is the lead author on a new forecasting algorithm for storage backup domain to forecast future storage requirements. He is the author of three publications , one was in data storage domain while two  othersare on networking domain.
Utkal Nayak has over a decade experience of IT execution and client relationships. Through his experience of working in big corporates, techstartups he has established a highly regarded corporate values in our organization. Having worked in the technology sector and through his connections with entrepreneurs through his association with University of Maryland MBA alumni he brings in extreme customer focus and problem solving thinking to the company.